Morde Foods Pvt Ltd
Established in 1983, we are at the core of Indian cocoa & chocolate foods service market needs. The journey of serving just 3 products to manufacturing more than 150 recipes today; every second chocolate delicacy in India is created by Morde. We are proud of more than 37 years of humble service existence & a deeply satisfying learning curve on the cocoa & chocolate needs of India. We believe in servicing customer needs of cocoa & chocolate with quality solution. We have great products range categorized into chocolates, compounds, cocoa products, cream & dips, inclusions & decorations, panned products, centre fillings & customized products.



Motek Sugarcraft India Private Limited is a part of Motek Sugarcraft group and a licensed Magic colours ® manufactures. Magic colours ® is a leading global brand supplying a wide range of colours and sugar pastes exclusively used in the baking and desserts industry.

Magic colours ® are HALAL and KOSHER certified and approved by FDA EU directives and FSSAI regulation. The colours range are Vegan and Nut Free and compliant with permissible colours limits as per safety standards. We add visual glam to your treats. The vibrance of Magic colours ® adds a signature style quotient to the cakes and chocolates. The highly appreciative metallic range takes the desserts to a new level of creativity and appeal. The sugar pastes ranges are the most delicious and pocket friendly. They not only give a soft, smooth and beautiful look but also have a great taste.

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